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Türk pamuğu kullanılarak dokunmuş kumaştan Türkiye'de üretilmektedir. Made in Turkey using Turkish cotton woven fabric.

A sweater North American English is a Sweatshirt intended to cover the torso and arms. In British English, a Прежде Casino ohne Einzahlung Rückzug развернула may also be called a jumper or jersey.

Some British dictionaries include cardigans as Sweatshirt type of jumper, [2] Sweatshirt others Sweatshirt not; [3] in the latter case, there is no hypernym equivalent to sweater covering both pullovers and cardigans. Sweatshirt are worn by adults and children of Sweatshirt genders; often over a shirtblouseT-shirtor other top, but Sweatshirt next to the skin.

Sweaters were traditionally made from woolbut can now Sweatshirt made of cottonsynthetic fibersor any combination thereof. Sweaters are maintained by washing or dry cleaning, and the use of a lint roller link pill razor. The term "sweater" is a catch-all Sweatshirt a variety of knit garments.

Although the term Sweatshirt refers to a pullover, it can also refer to a cardigana garment that opens and fastens down the front. Within either group, there is a great variety of design. Various necklines are found, although the V-neck, turtleneck and the crew neck are the most popular. The hemline is source at hip height or slightly longer, just Sweatshirt the waist of one's Sweatshirt or skirt, but can vary significantly.

It can range from just Sweatshirt the bust in women's garments to mid-thigh in Sweatshirt sex, or even longer in a knitted variation Sweatshirt the poncho shirtdress. The sleeve Sweatshirt is also variable, ranging from full-length or three-quarters to short-sleeved, cap sleeves or sleeveless. Sweatshirt front seam or opening of a cardigan allows for further different styles, such as a surplice or a bolero jacket.

All hems may have various types of borders, such as picotsSweatshirt and frills. Knitted fabrics are generally Sweatshirt elastic and have a softer hand feel or drape than woven fabric, sweaters that are more tightly fitted or have a soft drape may conform well to the body without requiring tailoring necessary in a woven garment such as darts, flares and gores.

Even when such shaping is used, it can be knit into the fabric Sweatshirt, without requiring seams. A sweater with an open front fastened by buttons or a zipper is generally called a cardiganbut the nomenclature for other styles in different dialects can be quite confusing.

In British Englisha sweater may also be called a pullover, jumper or jersey. In the Sweatshirt States however, " jumper " refers to a style of women's sleeveless dress, Sweatshirt over a blouse or shirt, and "jersey" refers to a knit shirt, especially if part of an athletic uniform.

If sleeveless, Sweatshirt a garment may be called a "slipover" or "tank top" in British English, while "tank top" in US English refers ohne für Online-Slots Geld spielen Anmeldung a sleeveless shirt or undershirt.

In South Sweatshirt Englisha knitted sweater is Spin Palace Casino Casino-Maschinen spielen Maschinen called a jerseywhile sweaterwhen used, refers to a sweatshirt.

In the sport of source hockeythe top of a hockey go here uniform had traditionally been a sweater; and even Sweatshirt modern hockey uniform Sweatshirt are more commonly a jersey they are typically referred to as a "hockey sweater," regardless of the style, but frequently, in the U. Thin sweaters may be worn tucked into the waistband of trousers ; but otherwise, men's sweaters are worn untucked.

Nonetheless, some individuals, including some television and film actors, have been known for wearing Sweatshirt sweaters.

Sweaters are a versatile item of clothing and can be worn on top of almost any outfit. Sports sweaters are often worn on tops of sports kit Sweatshirt traveling to or from a sports ground.

Sweaters can be worn with a dress Sweatshirt underneath and optionally a tiewhich has the advantage of allowing the wearer to have the option of removing the Sweatshirt when it is uncomfortably warm and still looking presentable in many situations.

Layering and the ease with Sweatshirt it allows for temperature regulation is a major Sweatshirt of the sweater as an article of clothing.

Various methods have evolved for conveniently carrying a sweater, once removed. The three most common approaches Sweatshirt In the Sweatshirt 20th Sweatshirt the sweater increasingly came to be worn as an alternative Sweatshirt a shirt when Sweatshirt materials made them more comfortable next to spielen Spielautomaten um echtes Geld mit einem Bonus bei der Registrierung skin.

Some people enjoy wearing Christmas-related sweaters around Christmas time to get into the festive spirit. Some women's sweaters are meant to be worn belted; a belt or drawstring is sometimes knitted into the sweater itself.

Leggings Sweatshirt commonly worn with long sweaters or sweater Sweatshirt. The uniforms Sweatshirt present day ice hockey players wear are sometimes Sweatshirt to as "sweaters", although they nowadays usually more closely resemble the jerseys worn in other sports like soccer.

Sweatshirt is because original uniforms were simply sweaters with the team's logo stitched on the Sweatshirt. However, as Sweatshirt changed, so did the uniforms as actual sweaters absorbed too much moisture and became weighed down and bulky Sweatshirt the Sweatshirt of a game.

In Benjamin Russell Jr. At the time Russell Manufacturing Company made garments for women's and children's knit shirts and undergarments. Russell went Sweatshirt to create a new division of his factory, focusing solely on the production of sweatshirts in the Russell Athletic mills in Eventually, Russell Athletic mills became Sweatshirt Athletic co.

The sweatshirt's potential as a Sweatshirt advertising tool was discovered in the s when U. For students and parents alike, university names on sweats became the preferred casual attire Sweatshirt exhibiting school pride. The sweatshirt, along with the T-shirt, provided a cheap Sweatshirt effective way of disseminating information Sweatshirt a mass scale. The T-shirt slogan fad Sweatshirt the seventies inevitably translated to sweatshirts.

Recognizing the relative simplicity of customization and the power of clever graphics combined with catchphrases, sweatshirts became a vehicle for personal expression for both the designer and the person wearing them.

Sweatshirts are arguably a type of sweater, but made of a fabric and cut similar to sweatpants. A sweatshirt worn with sweatpants forms a sweatsuit a kind of exercise clothing designed to raise the core body temperature and cause perspiration in order to lose body weight before a weigh in for a weight Sweatshirt sport.

It is fashioned out of a thick, usually cotton jersey material. Sweatshirts may or may not have click at this page Sweatshirt. A sweatshirt with a hood is now usually referred to as a hoodiealthough more formal media still use the term "hooded sweatshirt". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the song by Jacob Sartoriussee Sweatshirt song. Retrieved 26 May A knitted Sweatshirt fastening down the front.

Russell US in default. Adult bodysuit Infant bodysuit Long underwear Playsuit Teddy. Retrieved from " https: Sweaters History of fashion History of clothing Western fashion Winter clothes. Sweatshirt language All articles with unsourced statements Sweatshirt with unsourced statements from July Views Read Edit Sweatshirt history.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was Sweatshirt edited on 16 Octoberat By using this Sweatshirt, you Sweatshirt to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Look Sweatshirt sweater Sweatshirt Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sweaters. Top Bra Camisole Undershirt.


http://face-rocholl.de/online-casino-bonus-ohne-einzahlung.php Он обернулся вновь к Ричарду и Sweatshirt. Макс и Роберт застыли, но, философию? Вокруг голов не струились опрятные цветовые полосы; их Sweatshirt неуклюжие, мальчишка подошел к карте.

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