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Stereum hirsutum is common on hardwood and resembles this web page turkey-tail, the polypore Trametes versicolorbut there are no pores on the undersurface. Stereum ochraceoflavum is also common and distinctive on hardwood twigs and branches. Stereum sanguinolentum grows on conifer wood and bleeds red fluid when cut. The distinctions are sometimes not easy in practice. Welden despaired of differentiating Stereum complicatum and Stereum gaupatum Roulette Geld in Steam Stereum hirsutum because they were little different microscopically and morphological features were not dependable.

Welden's solution was to synonymize the latter with the former following Lentz. If description does not fit well, go to 3 as read more other species are occasionally reported from conifer wood. FRUITBODY fan-shaped or kidney-shaped, cm across and long, leathery, thin, upper surface at first tomentose-downy, faintly zoned, when mature dull dark red, bald, and densely radiate-wrinkled; margin lobed and crisped; spore-bearing surface underneath yellow, becoming brick color when old, paler when dry, when mature the concentric zones are more distinct and slightly elevated.

Stereum hirsutum and Stereum gausapatum have a rather thick fruitbody 0. FRUITBODY growing flat on wood or bent outward to form caps that project up to 2 cm, forming patches up to several decimeters across, caps usually fused in rows, larger caps pleated radially, fruitbody up to 2 mm thick, consistency elastic-tough, Roulette Geld in Steam surface of caps gray to rust brown, appressed-tomentose in narrow zones to bald, margin sharp, crisped, paler than the rest of the cap; flat part and underside of caps spore-bearing surface smooth to tuberculate bumpyoften folded radially, color gray-brown, red-brown, Roulette Geld in Steam ocher-brown, margin of spore-bearing area paler than the rest; fresh fruitbodies when cut exude a red fluid which becomes brown, bruised areas reddish Roulette Geld in Steam dark violet or blackish.

FRUITING generally restricted to Quercus oakon dead wood with and without bark, on standing and fallen trunks, and attached or fallen branches, often covering entire trunks and branches for meters, some reports on other hardwoods, and also reported on Pseudotsuga menziesii Douglas-fir. REMARKS name is from 'gausapa', meaning 'shaggy, woollen cloth or garment'; Stereum gausapatum is restricted to Quercus oakwhile other Stereum species can grow on oak, Roulette Geld in Steam a Stereum specimen on oak is most likely Roulette Geld in Steam be S.

FRUITBODY shallowly cup-shaped with concave spore-bearing surface facing check this out from underside of wood, when young sometimes suspended from midpoint of a circular cap surface, often growing together to form a row or rows on twigs and small branches, also growing flat on undersides of the wood and extending outwards or forming brackets, caps up to 1.

FRUITBODY oyster-shaped with a narrowed attachment, or fan-shaped, or semicircular and bracket-like, or occasionally bent outward from a flat growth on wood, up to 10 cm across, tough, leathery, up to 1 mm thick, caps click the following article overlapping, upper surface of cap light buff to rusty brown, or drab to grayish, Roulette Geld in Steam green from algae, when fresh with concentric zones of brown and rust, with Roulette Geld in Steam tomentum; underside of caps spore-bearing surface buff to ochraceous or dingy light brown or grayish, the surface smooth and often wavy, when damaged bleeding or not, the fluid may be red or yellow turning red.

FRUITBODY growing flat on wood or sometimes bent outward to form narrow shelf-like caps that may form imbricate shingled clusters, forming patches up to several decimeters across, leathery-tough to hard, at first in rounded patches, usually with a loosening margin, caps Roulette Geld in Steam present narrow, wavy to lobed, rarely projecting more than 1cm, the upper surface at first finely tomentose and Jackpot Stadt Gold Demo-Spiele spielen Spielautomaten, soon becoming bald and dark brown, finally blackish; margin white click the following article pale ochraceous and rounded; spore-bearing outer surface or undersurface of caps smooth, tuberculate bumpy to wavy, with distinct margin, pale ochraceous to buff or grayish, often with Roulette Geld in Steam spots when old, bleeding when cut or touched while fresh, Roulette Geld in Steam first reddish, but soon blackish brown; in section, the multiyear fruitbody distinctly layered, each layer clearly defined Roulette Geld in Steam a thin dark line, total up to 0.

FRUITBODY growing flat on conifer wood in patches with slightly loosening margins, or bent outwards to form shelf-like cap, or with distinct caps; often growing together and covering large areas several decimetres across on the lower side of logs, separable from wood, up to 0.

FRUITBODY single or more often in dense shingled clusters, projecting up to 5 cm, and cm long in fused fruitbodies, fan-shaped to spathulate somewhat like a spoon with rounded fruitbody and narrowed stem-like baseleathery and tough, thin, with a distinctly tapering and often short stem-like base, or more broadly attached, margin thin and often lobed or wavy, upper surface with a soft velvety tomentum, yellowish gray to pale brown in narrow concentric zones, when old some specimens more hirsute Geldmaschine Anhänge and gray with a greenish tint at the base due to algae, eventually nearly bald, spore-bearing lower surface smooth, tuberculate bumpy or undulating, light beige to ochraceous, exuding yellowish fluid when cut or wounded in fresh condition, margin lighter in color.

REMARKS probably often misidentified as Stereum ostrea which has an oyster-like as opposed to fan-shaped to spoon-shaped fruitbody and more brownish color. FRUITBODY growing flat on hardwood, and also forming caps that project up to 3 cm, semicircular to fan-shaped, broadly attached, usually fusing to form imbricate shingled rows, up to 2 mm thick, continue reading elastic, tough, cap surface woolly-hairy, zoned circumferentially, чувство wie lange Geld von Casino landa Пожалуй to reddish brown with gray-whitish tomentum, Online-Casino-Rate eines Penny to gray-ocherish and bald when old, sometimes greenish from algae, margin wavy and somewhat lighter in color; flat part and underside of caps spore-bearing surface bright yellow-orange to brown-orange when old gray-brownsmooth or may be slightly tuberculate Roulette Geld in Steamthe margin distinct and when actively growing it is whitish; flesh very rarely turning red when Online-Casino Spin Palace Casino. FRUITING common on dead wood of hardwoods with and without bark, on standing and fallen trunks, and on attached and fallen branches, often covering entire trunks and branches for meters, has been reported occasionally on conifers; associated with a white rot.

Stereum hirsutum John Davis.

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