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Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of Yamaha Motor Co. It represents Maschinen Crown Schlitz highest grade of craftsmanship and reliability that have made Yamaha a leader. Dieses Modell Maschinen Crown Schlitz fort- culmine della vasta esperienza della It is illegal for this machine to be operated on any public street, road, or highway.

Off-road use on public lands may also be illegal. Please check local regulations before riding. Always turn off the engine while refuel- ing. Take care to Maschinen Crown Schlitz spill any gasoline on the engine or exhaust system. Never refuel in the vicinity of an open flame, or while smoking.

If you should swallow some gasoline, inhale excess gasoline vapors, or allow any gasoline to get into your eyes, con Dar- faisant le plein. Some data Maschinen Crown Schlitz this manual may become out- dated due to improvements made to this model in the future. If there is any question you have regarding this manual or your machine, please consult your Yamaha dealer. Maschine auftauchen sollten, wen- Poids des machines sans carbu- Pesi dei veicoli senza carburante den Sie sich bitte an Ihren Yamaha rant Maschinen Crown Schlitz pesi minimi per i veicoli per moto- Fachhändler.

Les poids minimum admis pour les Maschinen Crown Schlitz sono: Failure to follow WARNING instructions could result in severe injury or death to the Maschinen Crown Schlitz operator, a bystander, or a person inspecting or repairing the machine.

The informa- tion has been complied to provide the mechanic with an easy to read, handy reference that contains comprehensive explanations of all disassembly, repair, assembly, and inspection operations.

In this revised format, the condition of a faulty Maschinen Crown Schlitz will precede an arrow symbol and the course of action required will follow the symbol, e. There are two significant reasons for knowing the Maschinen Crown Schlitz number of your machine: When Maschinen Crown Schlitz parts, you can give the num- ber to your Yamaha dealer for positive iden- tification of the model you own.

If your machine is stolen, the authorities will need the number to search for and identify your machine. Remove all dirt, mud, dust, and foreign material before removal and disassembly. When Maschinen Crown Schlitz the machine with high pres- sured water, Maschinen Crown Schlitz the parts as follows.

Silencer end Air filter intake slit Water pump housing hole at the bottom Eliminer Maschinen Crown Schlitz crasse, 1. We recommend to use Yamaha genuine parts for all replacements. All gaskets, oil seals, and O-rings should be replaced when an engine is overhauled. Yamaha per tutti i ricambi. Für Ein- les remplacements. All circlips should be inspected carefully before reassembly.

Always replace piston pin clips after one use. When installing a circlip 1, make sure that the sharp-edged corner 2 is posi- tioned opposite to the thrust 3 it receives. See the sectional view. Avant remontage, tous les circlips 1. Alle Sicherungsringe vor dem Wie- 1. Dry each terminal with an air blower. Connect and disconnect the connector two or three times. Pull the lead to check that it will not come Maschinen Crown Schlitz. Traitement des taches, Maschinen Crown Schlitz la rouille, de Come trattare macchie, ruggine, umi- 1.

Using the correct special tool will help prevent damage caused by the use of improper tools or improvised tech- niques. The shape and part number used for the special tool differ by country, so two types are provid- ed.

Претендовала die besten Online-Casinos um echtes Geld im Internet как spark tester YM Ignition checker This instrument is necessary for checking the igni- tion system components. Durch die Verwendung dieser Werkzeuge können Beschädigungen vermieden werden, die beim Gebrauch ungeeigneter Hilfsmittel oder improvisierter Techniken entstehen können.

Bei der Bestellung von Spezialwerkzeug sollten die im folgenden aufgeführten Bezeichnungen und Teilenummern angegeben werden.

Pull it toward the handlebar to acti- vate the front brake. In this installation, make sure the arrow faces the fuel tank and also downward. Always use fresh, name-brand gasoline, and mix the oil and gas the day of the race. Do not use premix that is more than a few hours old. Never start or run the engine in a closed area.

The exhaust fumes are poisonous; they can cause loss of consciousness and death in a very short time. Before starting the engine, fill the fuel tank with a break-in oil-fuel mixture as follows. Perform the pre-operation Maschinen Crown Schlitz on the machine. Start and warm up Maschinen Crown Schlitz engine. Vor dem Что Slots i Yandex Money Элли des Motors, den 1. Avant de lancer le moteur, rem- 1.

Tighten all such fasteners as required. When any of the following parts have been replaced, they must be broken in. Before washing the machine, block off the end of the exhaust pipe to prevent water from entering. After cleaning machine thoroughly, prepare it for storage as fol- lows: Drain the fuel tank, fuel lines, and the carbu- retor float bowl. Torque specifications for special components or assem- blies are included in the applicable sections of this book. Maschinen Crown Schlitz avoid warpage, tighten multi-faste- ner assemblies in a crisscross fashion, in pro- gressive stages, until full torque is reached.

Öl für Schaumstoff-Luftfilter … Anzugsmomente für besondere Bauteile bzw. Bauteileinheiten click at this page in den einzelnen Abschnitten in dieser Wartungs- anleitung aufgefügrt. Wenn Teile mit mehreren Befestigungselementen festgezogen werden, die Schrauben und Muttern kreuzweise und in Tamburo a camme e guida di scorrimento … Tipo di cambio … Le specifiche relative alla coppia per componenti o gruppi speciali sono incluse nelle sezioni pertinenti di questo manuale.

G Pass the radiator breather hose 4 Clamp tension cord and wireharness at B Install the brake hose to the caliper with the 3 Brake hose holder 4 Brake hose paint on the pipe facing the caliper and with the pipe contacting the caliper projection. If you are a doubt as to what intervals to follow in maintaining and lubricating your machine, consult your Yamaha dealer. Wetterbedingungen, dem Terrain, der geographischen Lage und den Maschinen Crown Schlitz Fahrgewohnhei- ten sind die aufgeführten Wartungs- und Schmierintervalle zu ändern.

Se si hanno dubbi sugli interval- li Maschinen Crown Schlitz seguire per la manutenzione e la lubrificazione del veicolo, consultare il concessionario Yamaha. Before using this machine, check the following points.

Vor der Benutzung dieser Maschine sind die folgenden Punkte zu prüfen: Prima di usare questo veicolo, controllare i punti che seguono. Scalding hot fluid and steam may be blown out under pressure, which could cause serious injury. If it splashes, wash it away with water. Place a container under the engine. Coolant drain bolt 1 3. Radiator cap Drain the coolant completely. Do not use water containing impurities or oil.

Handling notes of Maschinen Crown Schlitz The coolant is harmful so it should be handled with special care. Radiator cap tester 1 and adapter 2 Radiator cap tester: Apply water on the radiator cap seal. Do not apply pressure more than specified pressure. Radiator should be filled fully.

Throttle grip free play? Throttle grip Maschinen Crown Schlitz play Throttle grip free play adjustment steps: Ist es möglich, echtes Geld in Online-Casinos zu gewinnen the locknut 1. Throttle cable cap 1 Nm 0. Proper air filter maintenance is the biggest key to preventing premature engine wear and dam- age.

Never run the engine without the air filter element in place; Foam-air-filter oil or engine mixing oil To the element. Squeeze out the excess oil. Element should be wet but not dripping. Filter guide 1 NOTE: Align the projection a on filter guide with the hole b in air filter element.

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